Our story

Pretty Mama was born in 2018.

Pretty Mama is co-owned by two sisters, Alex a fashion graduate, full-time working mum and the lingerie designer and Jenny, final year Law & Business student at Northumbria, who leads in marketing and business development. We are a mum-focused, feminine maternity underwear brand. We provide a solution to the existing problem within the maternity lingerie sector, that many pregnant and breastfeeding mums face. We offer a wider range of cup sizes and smaller back sizes, as well as being beautiful, comfortable and high quality. We provide mums with a choice which is positively impacting on women’s wellbeing, mental health and confidence during and after pregnancy. 

‘I was that mother two years ago crying in the changing room looking at myself in the mirror. My body had changed from a slim size 8 to a curvy 12 and the last thing I wanted was to wear the awful bra’s that were in the maternity section of stores. I want our future customers to receive our products and feel beautiful, confident, comfortable and empowered no matter their shape or size.’

We hope you love our products as much as we do!

Love PM x